Welcome to Darkside Goodies

 Darkside Goodies was born in 2015 out of the dying embers of previous business ventures that both business partners, Dave and Sean were involved in. In fact we have been in retail since 1998 almost 26 years now and counting. We have dabbled with the gaming industry and also alternative music sales, supporting those that otherwise would not get the recognition they deserved in a mainstream driven environment. With online transparacy being much more open now, the playing field seem a little more level for the independent artist and many can now make their own way and promote themselves, which is a good thing

So back to the here and now. We sell TV and Film related merchandise. We try to find things that are not so mainstream, so concentrate mostly on retired, vaulted and hard-to-find items to make it a little more interesting for us and most importantly for you! We hold a huge range of Funko pops infact we consider ourselves back in the day to have the best selection available at conventions. Not only that, our intention was to make sure you the customer got a good deal. It was never our intention to 'cash in' on anything. Particulary if a guest was attending a convention as we were getting frustrated that this was becoming the 'norm' in the industry and it really should have been about giving you the customer a good deal, when really, that is all it is about. You vote with your feet and it was always our intention that your feet returned to our stand at different venues around the country. I think we did manage to achieve this and we have many repeat customers who we love to talk to. We are in business for sure, but, just stop by for a chat, we like that too! Really.

Anyway, all that said, here we are. Our new website with lots of our stuff for sale on it! We hope you find something you like. We hope you get a bargain and we certainly hope you are happy with it. We will do our best to describe everything we sell. If it has a damaged box, or something that makes it wonky, then we will try to show this on the listing so there are no surprises when it arrives. In general though all our items are factory sealed and ship from our warehouse having never been touched or opened. We aim to pack all items well so if the courier decides to practice for their 5-aside weekend football event with the parcel it won't come to to much harm! We hope you also get some real bargains as we do have a lot of stuff to shift at great prices! We are not getting involved in Mystery Box nonsense to make a fast buck though. That said, we have done them, and yes, ours were awesome loss leaders that customers used to love. However we can't make the business work on losses so rather than fill them with junk to make money we'll side-step doing them if you don't mind. If we do have stuff to clear, we will put those items in a clearance section.

Thanks for reading this, but most of all, thanks for giving the little un's a chance to make a living and taking the big corporates out of the equation for a change. We know they are the dogs do-dahs and your can get your stuff in lightening fast times but we'll try to be competative and we will always keep an eye on prices to keep ours as low as possible. But remember, because we specialise in hard-to-find items chances are they are not avialable elseswhere anyway!

Thanks for sticking with us and hope to see you at a convention soon. Do stop by and say 'Ey up'

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